Our Goal

Our goal in ocular
melanoma is early diagnosis and treatment

Our lead product candidate, light-activated AU-011, has the potential to be the first targeted therapy ever developed for the primary treatment of ocular melanoma (OM), also known as choroidal or uveal melanoma, the most common primary cancer of the eye.

Our goal is to create a safe and effective way of eliminating cancer cells early in the disease course with the selectivity of molecular surgery, preserving vision and transforming the treatment of ocular melanoma into a routine outpatient procedure.

Unlike most other cancers, ocular melanoma is often detected in its earliest stages of growth, through a routine ophthalmological exam. Just as the timely detection and removal of skin lesions has prevented countless cases of skin cancer from advancing, so too can an effective early intervention radically reshape the treatment of OM.

Today, people diagnosed with OM confront an array of poor treatment options, which often result in severe vision loss, removal of the eye, and in about half of all cases, metastasis to the liver, where the disease is nearly always fatal.