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Location: Cambridge, MA

About Aura

At Aura Biosciences, we are developing a new class of therapies to target and destroy cancer cells selectively, while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed – an approach we call molecular surgery. By safely eliminating cancer locally, we can treat early and transform the lives of people with a wide range of cancers that are poorly managed today.

Our lead program in ocular melanoma is designed to remove cancer cells in the back of the eye as a first-line therapy potentially long before the disease progresses and metastasizes to the liver, where it almost always is fatal. Development of a first-in-class treatment option to selectively destroy cancer cells would create the possibility of a cure in this and other cancers where the disease can be detected early.

Position Summary

We are seeking an experienced Research Associate, Cell Culture to join our growing team and help us to further develop the therapeutic potential of our nanoparticle-based bio-conjugate. Responsibilities include the cultivation of mammalian cells, transient transfection and harvest of culture biomass for the isolation of recombinantly produced prototocapsids. This position will involve the close coordination of efforts with colleagues in Downstream Process Development, and will require active participation in project teams. This position will provide excellent exposure to, and an opportunity to expand your capabilities in the drug discovery and development process in a well-supported, dynamic and though-rich environment. We are looking for a highly motivated Research Associate who will perform routine cell culture, cell maintenance/storage, upstream cell-based process development, titer assays, protein assays and protein purification related tasks. The successful candidate should be familiar with general cell biology laboratory techniques and have direct working experiences in handling mammalian cell culture and related tasks, and capable of working in a fast-paced, multitasking environment.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain and scale up cultures for mammalian cell lines used in either bio production or cell-based bioassays.
  • Perform transfection and harvest cells and culture medium for protein purification.
  • Perform cell-based assays for evaluating protein activity.
  • Data analysis and documentation in notebooks and formal technical reports.
  • Other procedures and techniques as required or assigned.
  • Regular participation in and presentation at project team meetings.


  • Degree in biology or related field with 3 years (B.S.) or 1 year (M.S.) of experience in a development setting in cell culture.
  • Punctual, reliable, efficient with strong attention to detail.
  • Strong organization skills, able to handle multitasking.
  • Strong work ethic and team player. Curious and passionate about science with a willingness to learn and develop new skills.
  • Established cell culture techniques and other basic biology lab skills. 


Email a cover letter and a copy of your CV to referencing the position description in the subject line. 

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